Privacy Policy

All the data produced by your account; when you do take an account here, will belong to you and whoever you appoint as your representative. It is assumed that you would be enrolling users who would have access to your data. We shall not be held responsible for their use of your data. As explained in our TOS, we assume that you or your trusted people would take backups of the data of the Kanboard section of your account. We will give a facility to take backup of your chat data too very soon.

We do keep a minimal record of your email address, and a few other details. That is practically needed to get this service running. We hope that you would be keeping the email address given to us at the time of registering an account is correct and you do read the emails there. We hope that the spam system does not ban the domain as our automated emails would come from that domain. Also, please do not ban our main website as we may also send some emails from that domain too.

We use the technologies such as "cookies" and "localstorage" to ensure functioning of our service. We also use Google Analytics on your pages. They do not allow us or anyone to peek into your data.

We will never ever misuse your data. Nor will we spam you or any of your users. We may; quite rarely in fact, send a newsletter to keep you informed about us and our work.

You have all the rights to close the account and delete all trace of your work you did here. Note that, the subdomain you used can then get released to be used by someone else. If you do not want that subdomain to be reused again; let us know -- and we will ensure that all the data in there would be cleaned up but the subdomain itself cant be used by anyone else. Just let us know by email to

This privacy policy would get updated from time to time. We will announce on social media of the changes we made here.