Terms of Service

Our terms of service are quite simple and easy to understand. This is a beta release and you can expect some amount of bugs, irritations and inconsistencies. We have done our level best to give you an enjoyable and useful service; but please do not hold us liable if you find something that did not work out. Ask us politely via our support system (Link is available on our main website) and we will correct it wherever possible.

We assume that you would be taking backup of your work in the Kanban boards. Those with administrator role can do such backups. Shortly we will be allowing you to take a backup of all your chats too. Please be polite to your office, our office, and the entire world; and respect everyone.

TeamTwine is a SaaS (Software As A Service) product is marketed and supported by Limen Leap Labs Pvt. Ltd of Navi Mumbai, India.

Please do not misuse the resources here or use our software source code without our permission-- that can get you banned and we may take legal action too. All the work here is copyrighted to Sabu Francis, son of V.V.Francis, staying at Navi Mumbai, India. One section of TeamTwine is also copyrighted to the team that developed the open source software; Kanboard. See their license here

We are striving to give you an efficient, reasonably priced service which has a low fixed cost and additionally an elastic component which varies as per the various events that happen in your account, and the amount of disk space you end up consuming. Take a good look at the pricing page. We have given a simple Google Spreadsheet to show you how you can estimate how that elastic component would work. We will assume that you have understood all that when you take an account with us.

Any illegal activity as defined by the Indian IT act of 2000 will surely get you banned. Furthermore, you also stand the risk of being reported to the authorities too.

Any canard or FUD about us or our service will immediately result in a ban and legal action on the party that does such acts.

We have integrated the excellent open source Kanboard system into our offering. We are extremely grateful to the authors there and we hereby acknowledge their license terms; which is the MIT license and can be read here. You can also read the license they have set for their work when you access the Kanboard section of TeamTwine. We have not made any large modification to their work -- but if you want, please email us at admin@teamtwine.com and we will zip up the Kanboard section (and only that section) of our code and email that to you. Note that we are not obliged to do this as per their license terms; but we don't mind doing it if it helps someone.

All legal disputes would be governed by the laws of India. The place of jurisdiction would be at Mumbai, India and you hereby agree to this place of jurisdiction.

We may change this Terms of Service from time to time. If we do, we will do our level best to keep you informed either by email or by our social media accounts -- usually, the latter. So please follow us on Twitter @twinework